A step towards
an eventful horizon.


We often draw inspiration from the world around us, looking to our environment for a spark that will set off a moment of creative brilliance. Searching through the natural world, established artistic movements and human history, we combine intriguing elements to form unique, hybrid designs which add to the cycle of inspiration; however, with the hunt for inspiration so prevalent around us, it is seldom that time is taken to look up into the vast expanse of space, and appreciate the seemingly endless void filled with mystery and opportunity for discovery.

Collapsing stars, rebirth of galaxies, spacial debris - the list for astronomical occurrences is almost as expansive as space itself, and offers a wonderful opportunity for newer generations of visually stunning designs. The creation of the brand ‘Astral’ aims to bring a cosmic design element to a line of fictional fashion accessories and products, providing abstract representations and physical manifestations of spacial phenomena.


It has recently (at the time of writing), been discovered that the collision and merger of neutron stars could be the main source of origin for the heavier elements in the universe (i.e. gold, platinum, etc.). When considering the metal ores on Earth, it isn’t too farfetched to think that these elemental by-products were blasted out at unfathomable speeds across our galaxy millions of years ago and found their home on our planet.

The design of ‘True Core’ is inspired by the fact that there are a potentially staggering number of unknown elements in the universe, and our earliest contact could undoubtedly be buried inside either 'local' asteroids and comets (through various intergalactic collisions) or perhaps even as ores within the planet's surface, waiting to be discovered.


The topic of fashion has always been something of great personal interest as I believe it to be one of the most unrestricted areas of design, where individuals are free to unleash their creative potential, regardless of the end result. It was this mentality that provided the platform to develop designs that were a little eccentric and outlandish, but still somewhat feasible when it came to production.